Debtor Advice

If you need advice on how to manage your debt there are a number of organisations that can provide you with free advice in this area; Add in new line

Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS)
Social Welfare
Citizens Information
Legal Aid
MABS & Citizens Information

To assist the process of debt management, a sample standard financial statement form can be found here. Adding in more text.

If you are unsure what the best course of action, is some helpful first steps could include;

Developing a personal budget which is easy to follow and sustainable.
Researching your options regarding benefits and tax credits that you are entitled to. Your local community welfare officer or local citizens information center can provide you with advice regarding your individual entitlements.
Check any protection policies you may hold, for example mortgage repayment protection insurance could be applicable in the case of redundancy.

Actions that will not benefit your situation include;

Ignoring missed repayments – you obligations are unlikely to go away, as soon as you notice there’s a problem, contact your creditors.
Ignoring correspondence or calls from your creditors or from Debitask. We are here to help and talking to us is the first step to helping to resolve your situation.
Handing back your house keys in the belief that it will release you from your mortgage obligations – this is not the case.