In-House Collections

All In-House Collections start by developing a collection process,
specifically addressing the needs of each client.

Contact with debtors is established by the experienced In House
Collections team who are trained not only in negotiating a suitable
payment plan with debtors but also in ensuring that repayments
are made on time.

In House Collections consist of a series of letters, phone calls
and SMS messages.

Doorstep Collections

A fundamental function of any debt collection service stems from
efficient doorstep collection. Debitask is the market leader within
Ireland for Doorstep Collections.

Analysis of past performance indicates that at some point in time,
50% of accounts will require a visit from a collections agent as a
standalone In House Collections policy is simply not effective for all

Therefore the synergy between our Doorstep Collection network
and our In House Collections team is key in ensuring that Debitask
realise the best result possible on behalf of our clients.

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